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Reset Trailer

October 27, 2020

Welcome to Reset from SAP EMEA South.

Over the course of this series, we will be speaking with some of SAP’s partners from across the EMEA South region to share their inspiring stories and find out how they have coped during 2020’s Covid-19 pandemic and importantly, how they’re resetting their thinking into how to run their business, engage their teams and reach their customers. 

We’ve already recorded some inspirational interviews from South Africa, Nigeria, Morocco and Egypt and as our series progresses, we’ll be visiting other countries across the region, plus we will also be speaking to some of the regional heads to gain an overview of their learnings and how they have pivoted and adapted the way their business is operating.

We hope that by listening to these interviews, you will broaden your minds beyond your country and learn how other business leaders and innovative enterprises have faced adversity head-on, changing their mindset, to build a brighter future.   

So please do subscribe to the series, as our first episode is coming soon!

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